Can Pfizer break resistance at $20?

The most important point in technical analysis is to determine the trend.

The intermediate and near-term trend for Pfizer (PFE) is up.  This drug stock had a very good move last week as indicated by the tall bullish white candlestick.  Also, the volume was above average: the volume is the fuel that drives a stock higher. Any upward price movement on low volume is suspect. If the stock can break resistance at $20, the next target price will be $22.

Pfizer, including other drug stocks, has underperformed the Dow over the last couple of years.  Pfizer has a decent yield of  4.15% and a solid cash flow. Now, traders are buying this orphan.

Pfizer - 2-year weekly candlestick chart with a bullish white candlestick and resistance at $20

Pfizer - 2-Year Weekly

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