Shooting Star Candlestick for Shoppers Drug Mart

A shooting star candlestick developed on the daily candlestick chart which can be compared to a caution light.

It shows that the rally could not be maintained.  The stock opened at $40.82, above the close for the previous day’s bullish white candlestick, which was a strong opening.  But the bulls could not maintain the push  as the stock rallied to a high of $41.59 where there was selling pressure and the stock closed at $40.87: this was not a good day for the bulls.

Candlestick Analysis - shooting star candlestick for Shoppers Drug Mart

3-Month Daily Candlestick Chart

The trend is the most important concept in technical analysis. The intermediate trend (3 weeks to 3 months) is sideways and the near-term trend (within the last 3 weeks) is up. What we are trying to establish in this analysis is the likelihood of the near-term trend continuing upwards. Today, there is a hint of caution which you can see pictorially in the shooting star candlestick pattern.

Another important concept in technical analysis is support and resistance. On Monday, Shoppers Drug Mart closed above resistance at $40. This has been resistance for the last four months. The $40 price point reverses rolls and is now support for this stock. A close below $40 would be very negative for the near-term trend for Shoppers.

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