Can the S&P/TSX index hold support at 13,500?

Weekly candlestick chart for the TSX index showing support at 13,500

The tsx index sold off last week as shown by the long dark candlestick and bounced off support at 13,500.  The chart for this week shows the spinning top candlestick which is neutral and indicates uncertainty in the market.  The positive point here is that the index is currently—as of the close on Wednesday—holding the support level.

This two year weekly candlestick chart of the tsx index shows a spinning top candlestick above support at 13,500

TSX Two Year Weekly Candlestick Chart

The overall online trading strategy at this stage in the market is to raise the cash level in your portfolio and not add to your long positions. Some so-called value investors are adding to income producing stocks on the dips which include real estate investment trusts (REITs) and some of the financials. And the day traders will be trading the range of 13,500 and 14,000 in their online trading accounts: buy at support and sell near resistance.

Take a few minutes to customize BigCharts so you can view the above chart with the same settings on your computer.  Take a look at the two-year annotated chart for the tsx index for a historical perspective of the market. This story from the National Post lists some of the fundamental data moving the markets.


Note: This technical analysis is for educational purposes so you can learn to trade online using candlestick charts. Please conduct your own chart analysis or consult your financial advisor before making investment decisions. The chart snippets are from which I recommend and have used for fifteen years.

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