TSX Index: A dismal technical profile

Stuck in a lateral trading range
TSX Index bar chart shows the inability of the index to breakout of the lateral trading range.

TSX Index 1 Year Bar Cahrt

The lateral trading range sets the limits where the short-term traders will buy and take profits. This is a profitable trading strategy if you are nimble and have the proper trading systems in place. The recent high of 11,900 is an obvious resistance point and the even number of 12,000 near the 200 day moving average will be a key recent point.

What do we have to see for the intermediate period trader? The TSX Index will have to make a confirmed break above 12,000 to have a chance for a run at 12,800. A confirmed break using a filter of 2% would be 12,240 that holds for two days which is the time filter. This is a guideline to guide you in your trading decisions. Technical analysis is not infallible as the markets are governed by the human emotions of greed and fear. And these are powerful forces which can produce severe gyrations in the market.

Always trade in the direction of the prevailing trend. What is the major trend for the TSX Index? What is the intermediate trend? What is the near-term trend? You decide and make the appropriate trading decision. It is your money.

Reference the last chart analysis of the TSX Index posted on July 6, 2012.

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