TSX Index candlestick chart analysis

TSX Index must hold support zone or it will test 11,800
TSX Index in a near-term downtrend and must hold the support zone or it will test 11,800.

TSX Index Daily Candlestick Chart

The last chart analysis for the TSX Index showed it stuck in a lateral trading band with support at 12,600 and resistance at 12,900. That all ended on Wednesday in a big way when the tall dark candlestick crashed through two support levels: 12,600 and 12,500. The trading action today confirmed the near-term downtrend with an open and close below the close for the ominous tall dark candlestick.

The TSX Index now has a new major resistance level of 12,500 (reversal of roles) which was a prior major support level.

The support zone is based on three points:

  1. A 50% retracement of the November intermediate move which would be 12,350
  2. The 200 day moving average at 12,269
  3. The old support level of 12,200

If the TSX Index cannot hold the support zone, there is a high probability of a test of the November low around 11,800.

If you read my previous posts, this surprise drop on Wednesday should come as no surprise. Material and oil related stocks, which represent 45% of the TSX Index, have performed very poorly. Reference a recent post on Dr. Copper.

U.S. Jobs Report will move the market on Friday: most likely to the downside.


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