Dow Jones Industrial Average chart analysis

Last correction for the Dow was in 2011
Weekly chart for the Dow Jones Industrial Average showing the last correction in 2011.

Dow Jones Industrial Average 5 Year Weekly Chart courtesy of

The S&P 500 SPX +0.09% is certainly overbought, in our opinion, and has gone well beyond the time in which it typically endures a correction or worse (the 500 has advanced for 32 months without a decline of 10% or more, versus the average of 18 months since 1945). In addition, valuations on trailing and projected Operating and GAAP (also known as “As Reported”) earnings per share, are equal to their long-term averages. Read more……….

“The bulls have clearly been in the lead,” Francois Savary, who helps oversee about $9.5 billion as chief investment officer at Reyl & Cie., said by phone from Geneva. “But even with improving economic data, I think that the U.S. market may have gone too far too fast, and I don’t see too much potential from here. I would pull out of U.S. equities and go into emerging markets.” Read more…………

Reference the last chart analysis for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


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