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Coal and natural gas as an electricity source

The following article and chart was published in the National post. This is an excellent article. Where is the price of thermal coal and natural gas headed for 2017?

Coal and natural gas use in electricity generation

‘Coal is in decline’ and it looks like not even Donald Trump can pull the industry’s long-term future out of the fire


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Patriot Coal (PCX) – Major break at $25

This is a major coal mining company in the US.  Coal stocks are moving up due to the projected demand in China for metallurgical coal.

Take a look at the 3 year chart.  This is the start of a classic chart pattern with a break at $25 which is major resistance. Now the stock must hold above $25.  An important concept in technical analysis is support and resistance.  Once a stock breaks resistance; the price point becomes support.  In the case of Patriot Coal, $25 is now major support; and I will sell the stock if it does not hold this price point.

You can see the momentum in the 1 year chart.

Disclosure: I have a long position in this company at a purchase price of $20.60