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Shoppers Drug Mart (SC) breaks resistance at $40

Shoppers Drug Mart breaks technical resistance at $40 on this candlestick chart.

TradeOnline.ca featured Shoppers on February 6 and highlighted the first bullish white candlestick  that developed on above average volume. Above average volume is a confirming indicator and is the fuel that drives the upward trend. The $40 level is now support and the stock must hold above this point for the trend to continue.

Technical Analysis: Shoppers Drug Mart - candlestick chart - a bullish white candlestick breaks resistance at $40 on Monday, February 14, 2011

Shoppers Drug Mart (SC) 6-Month Daily

Shoppers Drug Mart will meet heavy resistance at $42. You can identify this point on the 3-year weekly chart.

Shoppers was upgraded from hold to buy on February 11 and the price target was raised to $43 from $39.


Note: This technical analysis is for educational purposes so you can learn to trade online using candlestick charts. Please conduct your own chart analysis or consult your financial advisor before making investment decisions. The chart snippets are from BigCharts.com which I recommend and have used for fifteen years.

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